Am offering a variety of services which you will find itemized below.  If you need something that is not listed, please email me to discuss the particulars:

House sitting - being present at the home to discourage vandalism and to report any malfunctioning or troubles, general upkeep

Pet sitting - feeding and tending to small pets

Horse/llama/goat care - feeding, watering, taking to/from pasture, grooming

Overseeing workers real estate agents, maids, gardeners, construction workers, etc. to make sure work gets done - plus regularly emailing progress report to owner 

Paying workers or bills - either with cash you will leave with me or with checks or bank card (yes, I can be trusted with this) will distribute money as required

Water garden/weeding - will do as instructed

Clean out old and make new - am really good at this!!!  Love to clear out accumulated clutter from closets, attics, rooms, garages, storages, gardens and arranging remainder really well to make everything well organized, easy to find, looking beautiful and as new

Preparing for seasons - am really good at this, too.  Storing items well at season's end to prevent damage by weathering and/or preparing everything in a well organized manner at season's beginning for ready and easy use

Teaching your staff - and, am really good at this, too.  It requires skill and know-how to keep a place looking as if new.  Thanks to my training in hotel management, can train your staff in how to spotlessly upkeep your property.

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