My name is Mima Maria.  I was born in Austria, Europe in 1962 where my family owned and operated a small hotel.  Like with all family businesses at that time, I grew up helping my parents from an early age.  And so, learned as a youngster the good, old European ways of how to responsibly and properly take care of things.  At age 19, an opportunity presented itself and I moved to the USA.  

My initial professional training was in hotel and tourism management.

Eventually, I left the tourism industry, retrained and then successfully ran my own practice in the alternative healing arts for 15 years in Hawaii, Southern California and the Midwest. 

Due to a twist of fate I was prompted to close my business in 2006.  After traveling around Central America and Mexico for a bit, I began taking care of people's second homes.  I had found it was a service that was very much needed.  It has become a way of life now for me.  I love it.  And the home owners I have helped, loved it, too.

speak German and English fluently, and Spanish conversationally. I used to speak French fluently but never using it over the hears I've become extremely rusty in it.

I am a very quiet and private person. Am extremely health conscious, do not smoke, drink, party or do drugs.  Am extremely competent, efficient, responsible, reliable and trustworthy. Your home will be in excellent hands if placed in my care.

If you have animals, they will be taken care of really well, too.  I love animals and often half jokingly say that I prefer them to people.

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