...and hopefully you will find here the peace of mind you are looking for!

Owning more than one home is a wonderful luxury that allows you to enjoy the beauty of being home in another part of the world.  With this ability come so many advantages, benefits and joys.  Yet, while you may be all excited about spending time there, you may experience a constant worry about leaving your property empty for parts of the year.  

When homes remain unoccupied for extended periods, a host of troubles can befall.  No need for me to list them here - you know which particular ones cause you the most concern.  Wouldn't it be lovely to have someone live in your home during the times you are away, watching over everything with competent care?

Am offering exactly that - a profesional, yet extremely personalized caretaking service that will guarantee you to be able to sleep well at night and go about your days enjoying every minute of it, knowing that your second home is in very good, capable and trustworthy hands. 

Homes are 

to be lived in,


cared about 


tended to.

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