Dear Sir/ Madam, 

Mima Maria has been housesitting for my retreat center in Mexico and I am thrilled with her performance. She is very efficient and innovative with great ideas. She has a very good rapport with the staff, and is good at managing them and getting the best performance out of them through a natural rapport, as she creates a very harmonious and inspiring space for others. She has been faced with challenges that arose unexpectedly and she dealt with them intelligently and without complaint. Mima Maria is also a very thoughtful person with a reliable integrity. Please feel free to email me at .....

Sincerely, ... (Manager)


Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding Mima Maria and your consideration of having her be your house sitter. 

I have known Mima Maria for over 10 years, and for the last few years, she has been greatly instrumental in improving my living quarters here in Altadena, California. She has helped organize and beautify my rooms, and helped me with garden design and improvements around the house. 

I also had the pleasure to visit her in several other locations where she stayed for varying periods of time to look after small farms or properties. In every single case she has contributed greatly to the atmosphere of the place and I have seen her great dedication and absolute care for those various places.   

Mima Maria is very respectful of people's privacy and also needs herself a great deal of quiet time. 

You can absolutely count on her for doing a good job; she is trustworthy, reliable and very loving and caring toward any environment where she chooses to spend time. 

If any further questions may come up, please contact me again. I hope very much that this possibility may become a reality and work out for both you. 

Dear greetings from ...


To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the good fortune to have Margot Ridler taking care of my cat and condo in Florida since April. She has put my mind completely at ease, anticipating all the concerns of a household and a pet. My cat Ninja immediately sensed that Margot is an animal lover, and they are great friends. I have complete confidence in Margot, whether it is communicating with the condo neighbors when necessary, organizing and keeping track of my mail, or paying attention to Ninja's well being. We have become friends and I can't think of anyone I would rather have in my house. I highly recommend her reliability, concern, empathy, competence.

Sincerely, ...

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